is a self-contained site. It consists of a collection of Howtos, Articles, Guidelines, Instructions and Recommendations on a lot of different topics.

The concept behind this website is that, everything we know and need to share with each other in Praqma is not kept as an internal secret on our internal wiki. Instead it's presented as a generic topic - and then presented to you on the outside instead.

Everything on this site ( is presented to you under the "CopyLeft" licence. It means that you can use and refer the material you find here freely, and you can even alter it and distribute it, as long as your new variants and distributions also are "CopyLeft".

We have organized the content into categories listed in the menu.

If you are looking for a specific topic you can also try to do a simple text-search in the upper right corner. You can even expand the search to include all Praqma ressources ( and

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