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Bazaar on windows

The following is a step-by-step guide in setting your Windows PC up to using Bazaar and integrate with Launchpad (which includes confuguration of a SSH client on you PC).

Install Bazaar

Go to the download section on Bazaar's web and get and run the default installer (it's a executable installation wizard)

Identify yourself

Tell Bazaar who you are by executing the whoami command, in  my case it would be like this:

>bzr whoami "Lars Kruse <>"

Now tell bazaar which Launchpad account it should use to authenticate you  by using the launchpad-login command, my account is 'lak-praqma' so i my case it would be:

>bzr launchpad-login lak-praqma          

Setup your local repository

Create a shared repository for all you related branches by first creating a regular folder on your local disk, and then use the init-repository command to make it a bazaar repository:

>mkdir c:\bazaar-repo                    
>cd /d c:\bazaar-repo                    
>bzr init-repo .                         

Get a public readable branch from Launchpad

At this point (where you still haven't set up SSH on your client yet)  you are ready to get non-restricted content from Launchpad the default branch (trunk) of the acc project on Launchpad is an example of a public readable branch. Simply place youself in the root of your bazaar repository and get it using the get command:

>cd /d c:\bazaar-repo                    
>bzr get lp:acc                          

Do work that requires restricted access and authentication (setup SSH)

If you need to push work onto a branch or get a branch which is restricted (a you are authorized to get it) then you need to setup SSH on your PC. The process is described in detail on Bazaar's web but here is very short version:

  • Goto PuTTY's download web and get putty.exe, pageant.exe and puttygen.exe store them somewhere natural on your local disk (e.g. c:\program files\putty) where you'll have convenient access to them.
  • Create a .ssh folder in your homedrive. Windows will probably not let you do that from the GUI (because the folder must have a lading dot) so do it from the command prompt:
    >mkdir %userprofile%\.ssh
  • Run puttygen.exe and push the "generate" button to  generate a public/private key pair.  Save the private key in the %userprofile%\.ssh directory you've just created, and the public key somewhere else (tip: While you have it on display copy it to the clipboard, because you're gonna paste in on  Launchpad next).
  • Goto the Launchpad web  and login. Goto the "Change details" section of your profile and hit the SSH Keys button on the top of the page (tip: you can take the shortcut by typing the URL whish has the following format just replace your_launchpad_login with well yes; your launchpad login)) And import the public key.
  • Start pageant.exe, an icon of a computer with a hat will appear in your system tray on the task bar. Right-click on it and from the "add key" menu add your private key.
At this point you will be able to continue work - I can get my personal branc which only I-m allowed to use:

>cd /d c:\bazaar-repo                    
>bzr get lp:~lak-praqma/+junk/acc-dev-l  

Lars Kruse
August 2009