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Bazaar Git bridge

Suppose you have a repository in Bazaar (e.g. Launchpad) and you want it copied or even continuously synchronized with a git repository (e.g github)

Here is what you can do:
A few notes on the setup.

I've spent only a little time on this setup, and it works fine enough - in some conditions Here is what I did:

1) I installed python using the 2.7.1 MSI Installer

Note: I started with the x64 bit version, but I ran into problems later because the Bazaar for Python MSI installer isn't compliant with the x64 bit version - it seemed like a very minor issue, something with at a few Windows registry settings not being set correct - you can install the x32 bit version of Python - and then see what the missing registry settings are - and create them your selv - I expect thax64 bite version would work then).

2) Install Bazaar using the Python 2.7 based installer.

3) Install Dulwich

4) Installed Git

Have a look at the Setup Git (Windows) article.
Setup a SSH key and upload the public key to both and

5) Get the Launchpad project

mkdir pucm
cd pucm
bzr init
bzr get lp:pucm

6) Get the Github project

mkdir pucm
cd pucm
git init
git remote add origin
git pull origin master

7) Push the bazaar project to github

From the bazaar repository you go:

cd pucm
bzr dpush git+ssh://