CollabNet SVN2CC

CollabNet Subversion Connector to IBM Rational ClearCase - SVN2CC:

It's free, and is currently version 1.1 - has been since 2007. To get it, register at CollabNet, and you are ready to download and install.

The general idea is to enable development teams to share the same code base, but let them save their day-to-day work in the repository of their choice, and then "someone" will either export or import from either repository.
There is no automatic commit - or check-in - of the changes.  If changes are sent from SVN to CC, SVN2CC handles the changes (rename, delete, modified files etc) but it is not checked in. Which basically is a healthy approach, as it allows you to undo an attempt to import to CC where the results are not as expected. The same goes for the other direction CC changes to SVN - you are in control of the final commit.

The building blocks are 2 clearcase snapshot views; a reference view and a current or working view plus a Subversion workspace on the same machine:

There is no automation - you still have to be aware of what you are working with - and have a reasonable understanding of both systems.

Pros and cons:

A modified file must be committed manually - where as file and folder add, delete and rename are commited automatically by the Connector - that could cause confusion
The connector does not seem to be under active development.

Lars Kruse,
23 Oct 2009, 13:46