ClearCase Specific Counters

Other than the regular Windows performance counters, some ClearCase specific counters are available.

The following is a list of the ClearCase specific counters.

 NumberOfVobs region Returns the number of Vobs in a region
 NumberOfViews region Returns the number of views in a region
 NumberOfStrandedVobs legend Returns the number of stranded Vobs
 NumberOfStrandedViews legend Returns the number of stranded Views

Note the Graph for stranded vobs, Here a count of more than 0 stranded vobs, makes the build "unstable", which will fire an email to the Administrator.

The legend next to "Number of vobs" and "Number of views" show both the healthy / unstable values as well as region names. Which regions are queried are configured in the configuration xml (see CCAnalyzer Configuration)

A region can be replaced with a '*', which will be expanded to all the regions defined in the site.

Check out the ClearCase Analyzer wiki