Configuration of CCAnalyzer

One must select which counters that have your interest. Apart from the ClearCase specific countsers, you can monitor anything which is available trough the standard windows performance monitor.

Each counter can be specified in CCAnalyzer's configuration file. Please take a look on CCAnalyzer Configuration and come back here.

If we take a look at this counter specification:

<counter samples="3" interval="1" name="Memory available" scale="Mega bytes">\Memory\available mbytes</counter>

It means:
Get the count 3 times (that is the samples="3")
Wait 1 second, between each sample (interval="1")
"name" is self-explanatory, but please not that when you are configuring metrics for the build - the thresholds whether a build is stable, or unstable, the name value must map exactly, it is in other words case sensitive.
Scale is what is shown to the left of the graph, and should correspond the the next part of the counter specification.
The part: \Memory\available mbytes must match exactly to how it is written by either Typeperf.exe or Performance Monitor. There seems to be a minor inconsistency between how Typeperf reports available counters and the syntax for querying one, so the method with the highest success rate is by getting the counter specification from the saved html file, you'll get by visiting