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Can two users do a concurrent deliver to the same stream?


One user starts a deliver (using a snapshot view for the integration view) without locking it in any explicit way - except the reserved checkouts created by the deliver activity.

Immediately here after (and before the first user has completed his deliver) another users starts a concurrent deliver to the same integration stream, and completes it before the first one completed.


When the first user finally finishes his deliver and creates a baseline, will it then only contain his own deliver activity or will the baseline contain both deliver activities.



When you create the baseline, you'll be offered the possibility to check which of the activities that are delivered and completed  that should be contained in the new baseline. So in this scenario the default setting will be that the baseline contains both delivers, but if this is not desired, then the unwanted deliver should be unchecked before the baseline is created.

Lars Kruse,
8 Feb 2010, 05:02