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How can I deliver to alternate target (when the GUI doesn't show my target!)


There is a bug in the ClearCase that shows itself when try to deliver to alternate target from the GUI.

In the ClearCase Project Explorer right click on a stream and select Deliver to alternate target. Hereafter  you'll be presented to a small dialogue that lets you select the target stream. Problem is that this dialogue doesn't show all nodes in the tree:

If you compare the content of the RcBuild8_Int  node with the same node in the orginal ClearCase Project Explorer tree browser (Small picture up/right - click on it to enlarge it) you'll see that the content of the nodes are not the same - and obviously they should be.

So how do you move one from here?

Use the cleartool command line tool to start up the GUI:

Usage: deliver -graphical [-stream stream-selector] [-to integration-view-tag]
               [-target stream-selector]

1) Open the command prompt (cmd.exe).
2) Change directory (cd) into the root of the source view (that is a view upon the stream that you picked from the ClearCase Project Explorere and selected Deliver to alternate target.  
3) Execute the deliver sub-command with the -graphical switch and  and specify the -to switch followed by the view-tag of the target view (that is a view upon the stream that you would have selected as the alternate target - if only you could).

C:\cv\pttr_Rc8_Dev2>cleartool deliver -graphical -to pttr_Rc8_Dev3