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Rules of thumb

  1. Create new activity for each task.
    Don't ever reuse activities outside their intended context.

    - It keeps your deliveries and the underlying change sets neat and tidy.
    - Activity change sets then becomes useful (eg. for Bill Of Materials in release notes). 
  2. Make sure new activities relates directly to records in the change management systems.
    Don't invent activities as you work.

    - It enables traceablity.
  3. Terminate (lock obsolete) streams when all activities on the stream are delivered.
    Don't let old finished development streams hang around.
    - The version trees will shrink and they will reflect actually ongoing work - as opposed to historical crab(!)
    - And so will the tree view in the ClearCase Project Explorer. 
  4. Use the stream as a container for related activities.
    Don't mix activities on the same stream unless they are somehow related to each other.

    - Occasionally activities on the same stream will become entwined and you will be required to deliver all or nothing.
    - It will enable you to lock development streams more often.
  5. Use integration streams for deliver (and rebase) activities only.
    Don't create activities directly on project Integration streams.

    - Integration streams shouldn't be used for development, only for integration of stuff already developed and validated elsewhere.