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How do I stop Visual Studio from creating ~sak files in ClearCase

Visual studio intergrates with the sourcecontrol system (ClearCase in this case) through the SCC interface.

In the older version of the inteface (which is the one ClearCase supports in version 6.x) it involves a bunch of (potential) control files:


Some of these files are NOT IMPORTANT for your project.
Please NOTE that the *.*scc should not be deleted, they play a valid part in the Source Control integration but the ~sak files are simply files created to test the SCC capabilites  - they are an old legacy from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe incapabilities ...they should not be in ClearCase!

The files are created automatically when you - inside Visual Studio - type in a file that is checked into ClearCase. The VS will check out the file for you "on-the-fly" and it's in that process the ~sak file is created.


How do I stop Visual Studio from creating ~sak files in ClearCase


You can prevent them from being created by setting the Windows registry key:


The default value is "FALSE" so the key might not exist on your system, you'll have to create it.

We've a created a .reg file for you - you can download and run it (if you trust us ;-)

The *ssc files are only supposed to be in the source control database, but these files are pretty harmless, since they aren't updated by VC or the SCC interface. Both Microsoft and IBM agreen in various technotes that these files should not be checked into the source control system. They should be kept as view private and disregarded by the developer.

However - due to some internal logic know only to Microsoft - they chose to make it the defuault option that these files are added to source control automatically by Visual Studio!


Set the registry setting above in order to make them go away entirely.

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Lars Kruse,
5 Mar 2010, 05:47