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Team stream

A team stream is defined as a "development stream, which is used as integration stream for other development streams, even though it's not actually the integration stream of any project".

Typically the team stream is used as kind of alternative to creating another docking project . It's a consequence of the approach that all file merge issues should be sorted out before delivering to the docking project's integration stream.

Sometimes when larger groups are working together to accomplish a common goal before they are ready to share with the remainder of the docking project, it can simply not be accomplished unless the team sets up a common integration stream and copy the approach internally as used on the docking projects  - only on a smaller scale.

This could also be accomplished by isolating the team in another UCM project, but very often this would be too much of a construction given the context. After all a UCM project is not entirely a trivial thing to setup in ClearCase and since it's not technically needed it's easier to setup kind of "a project within the project".

How to set it up

Go into the ClearCase Project Explorer and browse to the integration stream of the UCM project where you want the team stream. Right-click on the stream and choose the option "Create child stream". Do not prefix the stream name with your userID as this is part of the definition of  a team stream: "A team stream is a development stream that is not prefixed with a userID - thus indicating that it's not personal".

Create a view on the new team stream - this will be your team stream integration view.

When you want to join this team, instead of using the join-project wizard, you simply perform the same procedure once more: In Clearcase Project Explorer browse to the Team stream, right-click it and choose the option "Create child stream" - this time you should prefix the stream with your userID unless it's either another level (wow it's getting deep!) of a team stream or a shared stream). Create a view on the stream.

Do The Right Thing

Do not prefix team streams with your userID, since they are not actually personal.

When you join a team, it's easier to do using "create child stream" in ClearCase project Explorer, then it is from the "Join Project" wizard.

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