Fogbugz is a Change- and incident management system. And it that category it's comparable with tools like Trac, Bugzilla, ClearQuest. But in many ways it's so much more than that too.

During our tool-journey we have seen them all (CM tools) and they all differ from each other in different ways which means that they aren't always comparable after all. Everytime you settel on one there are gains and trade offs - you must weigh them up against each others.

Well Fogbugz just simply comes out as one of our favorites - again and again.

We use it as a hosted solution, which means that we don't have any hardware requirements or maintenance jobs - It's all managed by Fogcreek.We pay 25 USD per user per month - and it's far less than maintaining a server.

It's nog jut because we use the hosted solution that we pay Fogcreek. Fogbugz is NOT Open Source. Pros are that you have someone to turn to if you need support Cons are that proprietary tools have a tendency to not evolve as quicly as Open Source tools. So our worries was initially: "What happens when we need a feature which is not there and Fogcreek sees no feasible business case in developing it - are we then stuck"?

And the answer is "yes" with any other proprietary tools! But then again. So far Fogcreek has done a good job and we're happy and content.

So far we like Fogbugz!

We use Fogbugz both internally in Praqma and together with our customers. So users can mail-in cases and we can handle them internally in Fogbugz and use the system to reply to customers cases using e-mail. So from the customers point of view there is really no tool dependency - they like that!

Over the time we have build up some experiences (some of them hard-earned!) that we'd like to share.

Best Practices you might call it