RSS feeds in Outlook (2003)

Outlook 2003 doesn't support RSS feeds out of the box, but it's still a quite wide-spread standard mail reader in many corporations. Here's one way to make it work - exemplified by subscribing to build-logs in Hudson.

1: Go get RssPopper or any other alternative (or Google other alternatives)

2: Close Outlook on your PC and Install RssPopper

3: Setup RssPopper

Once the installation is done and you restart Outlook you'll see a tool-bar at the upper-left corner. Open the menu RssPopper -> Edit Feeds...  and you'll see a ton of predefined feeds - I just selected all and deleted them. You can of course leave them if you find them interesting.

To add a new feed click the "New" button and add a valid link in the Link field. The Title field is automatically filled with the title of the feed. - That's it!

Note that the feed has a destination folder in your outlook, it's predefined by the RssPopper setup, but you can redirect it directly to the inbox if you want to.

4: An example: Hudson Job status

Let's imagine that you want to subscribe to a feed on your Hudson server.
right-click on the link and save the link address to the clip board.

Now add a new feed in RssPopper and paste the clip board into the Link field.

As a Destination folder you coul click on "browse" and pick the inbox. 


In outlook the destination folders will be created if they don't exist.
Even if you stop (delete) a feed you'll still have to delete the destination folders separately if you want to nuke them too.