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The texlive-font-recommended package installs a handfull og Microsoft related fonts which makes it a little bit easier to share documents with Microsoft users without getting odd results.

sudo apt-get install -y texlive-fonts-recommended 

If you want to install fonts manually I found a good description here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts

And i found my fonts at: http://fonts.zaraf.ro

This snippet will install Palatino Linotype, Tahoma and Courier:

mkdir ~/.fonts
cd ~/.fonts
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/pala.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/palai.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/palab.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/palabi.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/tahomabd.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/tahoma.rar

wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/cour.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/couri.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/courbd.rar
wget http://fonts.zaraf.ro/download/courbi.rar

unrar e pala.rar
unrar e palab.rar
unrar e palai.rar
unrar e palabi.rar
unrar e tahomabd.rar
unrar e tahoma.rar

unrar e cour.rar
unrar e couri.rar
unrar e courbd.rar
unrar e courbi.rar

unlink pala.rar
unlink palab.rar
unlink palai.rar
unlink palabi.rar
unlink tahomabd.rar
unlink tahoma.rar

unlink cour.rar
unlink couri.rar
unlink courbd.rar
unlink courbi.rar

sudo fc-cache -f -v

You can also do this from the GUI if you intsall the Font Manager:

sudo apt-get install -y font-manager